Raccoon Dress 1

The soft, (yet collared) tie-dye style striped angora sweater dress, brown stretch leggings and low rise boots all ensure that everything about this outfit is comfortable.

Moth Dress 1

File this outfit under “surreal”. The soft patterns that make up this substantial dress and fuzzy Cossack hat are mesmerizing.

Raven Dress 2

A surreal composition, but a more traditional dress. There are many lovely details in this outfit, starting with the textured shoulders, arm-length gloves, ragged-edged tutu, “stained glass” style tights, and all the way down to this slightly mismatched shoes. (Why?)

Fish Dress 13

A playful and carefree sundress for an active child. The banded, semi-translucent material is a subtle, but rich detail. The open design allows for broad movements, such as running and playing. What child wouldn’t enjoy spinning in this outfit and watching the light fabric rippling around them like a parachute?

Fish Dress 11

Ugly, but endearing. Maybe I should have shared this one before Halloween. Without the mask, the dress is classy and understated in style but bold in color! Perfect for a creative corporate big wig. Take charge with this in your tool kit.

Fish Dress 9

Devilish sprite! Metallic axolotl? I absolutely love the color, texture and somewhat subtle simplicity of this dress. I especially like the unique flared- and straight-style skirt combo. I would completely wear this dress! Any day and every day.

Fish Dress 2

This outfit would be perfect for a masquerade party. The surreal headpiece has a commanding presence and almost feels like something you’d see in fashionable, yet post-apocalyptic times. I love the layered and unique inverted tulip shape of this dress’s skirt. If I saw somebody wearing this ensemble in real life, first, it would be … Read more