Fish Dress 14

This seaweed-green child’s dress features a thick, golden patterned decorative belt and a layered tulle skirt. The collar design matches the fish purse accessory.

Flower Dress 1

The simple bodice of this dress contrasts and supports its full powder puff skirt, composed of translucent material flower petals. This elegant outfits resembles a tutu.

Fish Dress 13

A playful and carefree sundress for an active child. The banded, semi-translucent material is a subtle, but rich detail. The open design allows for broad movements, such as running and playing. What child wouldn’t enjoy spinning in this outfit and watching the light fabric rippling around them like a parachute?

The Zahir

The Zahir by Jorge Luis Borges, read by A Poetry Channel, complimented by a calm, relaxed, piano composition of Talos D.O.A.M. (death of a muse) This story is a dreamy piece that speaks about beauty, perfection and obsessiveness. I won’t presume to tell you what to get from this. Take a listen and see what … Read more

Fish Dress 12

Gorgeous mermaid composition. Although the hairstyle is fun and achievable, this dress fun and unachievable. This long, tight dress may work if it had a very long slit up the side to allow leg movement. I don’t think this is achievable because of the very tight fit. We need more fabric for that to work. … Read more

Fish Dress 11

Ugly, but endearing. Maybe I should have shared this one before Halloween. Without the mask, the dress is classy and understated in style but bold in color! Perfect for a creative corporate big wig. Take charge with this in your tool kit.

Fish Dress 9

Devilish sprite! Metallic axolotl? I absolutely love the color, texture and somewhat subtle simplicity of this dress. I especially like the unique flared- and straight-style skirt combo. I would completely wear this dress! Any day and every day.

Fish Dress 8

Are you the type of person who likes to be center stage? This is your outfit. The coral headwear, mesmerizing opalescent dress material, and stacked conch shell bottom portion of this dress deliver you front and center.

Fish Dress 7

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to wear kelp as a dress? Now you do! The weight of this dress is apparent. It seems to pull downward, half exposing the model. Oops! Perhaps I will find an alternative top, to balance the weight better. For now, this is a work in progress … Read more