Slug Dress 1

This soft, comfortable hoodie pull-over dress is made of sweatshirt material. Paired with black tights and sneakers, the outfit becomes a classic slouch about.

Autumn Dress 1

The adult outfit has a leaf patterned top, and golden leaves attached to the voluminous folds of the skirt of the dress. The child’s dress has a leaf collar and ruffled skirt, also with autumn leaves attached.

Moth Dress 1

File this outfit under “surreal”. The soft patterns that make up this substantial dress and fuzzy Cossack hat are mesmerizing.

Robin Dress 1

Notwithstanding the layered skirt, mottled and subtly speckled coloring that resembles a robin’s egg, this classic and conservative outfit is well-suited for both formal as well as informal occasions.

Raven Dress 2

A surreal composition, but a more traditional dress. There are many lovely details in this outfit, starting with the textured shoulders, arm-length gloves, ragged-edged tutu, “stained glass” style tights, and all the way down to this slightly mismatched shoes. (Why?)

Raven Dress 1

What outfit shows you’re a one-of-a-kind, bad-ass beauty? This one, right here! The gnarly lace tutu and sports bra top are both sporting hair extensions! Both the pink head and arm adornments are feminine and tough!

Mushroom Dress 1

This mushroom-textured dress has a very down-to-earth and natural color palette. The skirt has a patchwork, somewhat bohemian feel to it. This composition is comprised of three separate images.

Fish Dress 15

Inspired by spiky fish fins, this striking asymmetrical plum-colored dress is so creatively classy. In this particular moment, a strong wind has swept up the built-in wrap-around shawl, showing us exactly how it is connected to the rest of the dress. This composition is comprised of three separate images, and innumerable steps along the way.

Fish Dress 14

This seaweed-green child’s dress features a thick, golden patterned decorative belt and a layered tulle skirt. The collar design matches the fish purse accessory.