Earth day

Earth Day is an annual event that takes place on April 22nd to raise awareness and promote environmental protection. Celebrating Earth Day can be done in many ways, from participating in community clean-up efforts, to making a commitment to reduce personal waste and carbon footprint. It is a time for individuals and organizations to reflect … Read more

Poppy Dress 1

Delicate as the petals of a poppy, this muted red outfit boasts a soft and light, gently ruffled strapless dress with a mid-length skirt that is cut in a cascading wrap silhouette and topped with a glamorous silk flower fascinator/tea party hat.

Starfish Dress

As above, so below: A marriage between the cosmos and the sea, this vibrantly colored pink, purple & blue child’s starfish dress and the soft & puffy, yellow starfish hair clip makes for a fun day at the beach!

Birthday Dress 1

You may ask “What is a Birthday Dress?” The answer, apparently, is this smooth and glimmering, lusciously ruffled asymmetrical, silky, plum-to-pink ombre dress. [inhale] Yes. This fits the bill.

Banyan Tree Roots Dress 1

A thoroughly impracticable, but absolutely gorgeous outfit that was inspired by banyan tree roots. This composition had so many beautiful faces and headdresses, I couldn’t decide on one, so I’m sharing a few!

Starfish Dress 1

This comfortable yet classy, asymmetrical, hand-beaded dress is perfect for a casual stroll along the beach, or for a formal function, such as a wedding!

Fish Dress 16

Inspired by goldfish and dreams of summertime, this simple, yet shimmering dress, is an easy choice for comfortable beauty.

Moth Dress 2

This elegant and formal outfit is comprised of a dress and a cape. The soft, smooth, and slinky floor length dress is made from stretchy green patterned velour fabric. Even longer, a sheer, off-white cape is attached by a faux fur stole, perfectly capping off this moth-inspired ensemble. This composition was created using three separate … Read more

Mossy Forest Dress 1

This mossy textured outfit is knitted from chenille yarn to echo a natural forest environment. The fairy-like vine headdress is woven through the hair, crowning the ensemble.

Raccoon Dress 1

The soft, (yet collared) tie-dye style striped angora sweater dress, brown stretch leggings and low rise boots all ensure that everything about this outfit is comfortable.