Starfish Dress 1

This comfortable yet classy, asymmetrical, hand-beaded dress is perfect for a casual stroll along the beach, or for a formal function, such as a wedding!

Fish Dress 16

Inspired by goldfish and dreams of summertime, this simple, yet shimmering dress, is an easy choice for comfortable beauty.

Moth Dress 2

This elegant and formal outfit is comprised of a dress and a cape. The soft, smooth, and slinky floor length dress is made from stretchy green patterned velour fabric. Even longer, a sheer, off-white cape is attached by a faux fur stole, perfectly capping off this moth-inspired ensemble. This composition was created using three separate … Read more

Mossy Forest Dress 1

This mossy textured outfit is knitted from chenille yarn to echo a natural forest environment. The fairy-like vine headdress is woven through the hair, crowning the ensemble.

Raccoon Dress 1

The soft, (yet collared) tie-dye style striped angora sweater dress, brown stretch leggings and low rise boots all ensure that everything about this outfit is comfortable.

Slug Dress 2

This slug-inspired garb is more elegant than the sweatshirt hoodie from yesterday. This asymmetrical, flowing outfit is still very comfortable, but can be worn at more formal events.

Slug Dress 1

This soft, comfortable hoodie pull-over dress is made of sweatshirt material. Paired with black tights and sneakers, the outfit becomes a classic slouch about.

Autumn Dress 1

The adult outfit has a leaf patterned top, and golden leaves attached to the voluminous folds of the skirt of the dress. The child’s dress has a leaf collar and ruffled skirt, also with autumn leaves attached.

Moth Dress 1

File this outfit under “surreal”. The soft patterns that make up this substantial dress and fuzzy Cossack hat are mesmerizing.